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Мета: відпрацювати фонетичні навички; вчити розуміти іноземну мову в ігрових ситуаціях; проконтролювати мовні навички та вміння учнів; проконтролювати рівень засвоєння учнями даних тем; розвивати вміння застосовувати вивчені лексичні одиниці та граматичні правила в конкретній обстановці; розвивати здогадку та вміння швидко орієнтуватися в умовах непідготовленого монологічного мовлення; прищеплювати цікавість до культури, історії, традицій англомовних країн; виховувати вміння працювати в колективі (команді).

 Обладнання: заготовки з завданнями та варіантами відповідей на тестові завдання; 2 набори ігрових карток.

 Хід вікторини:

1. Організаційний момент.

а) привітання;

Dear Friends! We are very glad to see you here. Glad to meet you, dear boys and girls. Today we are having a competition, an English quiz and each of you will take part in it as a member of one team or fans. We will not read texts or learn dialogues. We were busy doing all that at the previous lessons. Today we will play.

Today we are going to have a kind of intellectual game be­tween two teams of the 31st and the 34th groups. We hope it'll be rather interesting for you and you'll have a good time. So, be attentive, listen to all the questions and try to give, the right answers. We wish you good luck and hope for your active participation. And whatever team is the first, the main winner, of course, will be friendship. Yes, you'll have to work together to make the common decision and it's possible only when you are united, when you are real friends.

б) повідомлення правил гри;

в) представлення команд (коротке повідомлення про склад команди, її назву).

2. Основна частина гри. 

1. Конкурс „Literature

Find as many words in this word-search as you can. All of them refer to the topic “Literature”

Answers: play, detective, story, book, novel, science, adventure; author, fiction, fairy tale, poem.

12 words (count each word, 1 point for any right one)

2. Captains’ contest “Go on!”

It is called “Go on!” The task is to answer the questions at high speed. If you don’t know or don’t remember the answer, you should say “Go on!”, because your time is limited.

a) The questions to the first team 

  1. 1.What river does London stand on? (The Thames).
  2. 2.What is the America’s symbol of Freedom? (The Statue of Liberty).
  3. 3.What is “Penny Black”? (The stamp).
  4. 4.How old is London? (2000 years old).
  5. 5.Who is the head of the state in Great Britain? (A monarch).
  6. 6.Whose portraits are printed on American dollars? (American presidents).
  7. 7.What kind of weather is the most common in GB? (Rainy).
  8. 8.At first Native Americans were called… (Indians).
  9. 9.Name any national English game (football, cricket, rugby).
  10. 10.What animal is the symbol of the English strength and power (lion).

b) The questions to the second team 

  1. 1.Who was the first American president? (G. Washington).
  2. 2.How many countries does the UK consist of? (4 countries).
  3. 3.Where does the monarch of the UK live? (Buckingham Palace).
  4. 4.What is the flag of the USA called? (“Stars and Stripes”).
  5. 5.Who are “Beefeaters”? (The guards of the Tower).
  6. 6.Who is the head of the state and government of the USA? (The President).
  7. 7.What river is the capital of the USA situated on? (The Potomac).
  8. 8.How many states are there in the USA? (50)
  9. 9.When is the Thanksgiving Day celebrated? (On the fourth Thursday of November).
  10. 10.What is the address of the White House? (1600, Pennsylvania Avenue).

3. Professions, professions

 Do you know these famous people and their professions? Teams answer in turn.

 Tchaikovsky was a … (composer)

  1. Charlie Chaplin was a … (actor)
  2. Lewis Carrol was a … (writer)
  3. Michelangelo was a … (artist)
  4. Gagarin was a … (spaceman)
  5. Archimedes was a … (scientist)
  6. Cleopatra was a … (Queen)
  7. George Washington was a … (President)
  8. The Beatles was a … (singers)
  9. Ivan IV (the Terrible) was a … (Tsar)

 5. TOPIC “SPORT” and “FOOD”

T: And now we’ll pass to the next task. Your task will be to answer the questions in turn. For every correct answer I’ll give you 1 point

1 The opposite of hot is …

2 The opposite of good is…

3 What is the plural form of “tooth”? Spell it

4 What is the plural form of “food”? Spell it

5 What is the first month of the year?

6 What month comes before December?

7 How many minutes are there in an hour?

8 How many hours are there in a day?

9 What is the past form of “speak”, “go”?

10 What is the past form of “see”, “make”?

T: Now I’ll ask you the captains of both teams. The last task is for you. Imagine that you are the guide in London. Tell your group about one of the famous places of interest in London. For this task I’ll give you 10 points. When everything will be correct.

ІІІ. Заключна частина

3.1. Підведення підсумків.

3.2. Нагородження переможців.

Викладач                                                                                       Т.Ю.Євась


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